Tanuki is Honored to Receive International Award

AIMPE jurors in the selection process

Earlier this month, Tanuki’s print “Cole Mountain, VA” was awarded the Minoru Fujimori Prize for the 5th Annual AIMPE ’21 Exhibition held in The Hall Awa Japanese Handmade Paper, Yoshinogawa City, Japan. Over 2,000 prints throughout the world were considered.. The prize carries an additional award of 30,000 yen.

Thank you, Awagami Washi and the Fujimori Family!

The Fujimori Prize is dedicated to 6th generation, Minoru Fujimori who took over the family business in 1945 determined to continue washi papermaking despite post-WWII difficulties. In 1970, Minoru-san was designated as an ‘Intangible Cultural Property of Tokushima’ in recognition of his skills. In 1976, Awagami washi was designated as a ‘Traditional Craft Industry’ and in 1986, Minoru Fujimori was further honored as Master Craftsman and awarded the ‘Sixth Class Order of Merit, Sacred Treasure’ by the Emperor. Currently his son, Yoichi and family continue the papermaking tradition as their ancestors did before them. In an effort to preserve the craft and pass washi papermaking onto the next generation, the family has established a network of international partners that offer Awagami papers to worldwide artists.

Additional images (in order): Minoru Fujimori, Awa Hall of Papermaking, “Cole Mt., VA”



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