Appalachian Trail Phase #1 of 3: Proof Sets are ‘El Done-o’!

14. Mt. Katahdin, ME

A little less than one year ago, I set out creating 14 prints- one design per 14 states along the Appalachian Trail. Well, I finished the designs, blocks, and trail proofs yesterday!

Here’s the last print, Mt. Katahdin which is apropos.

With a few minor revisions, I will start with the main edition:

  1. Springer Mt., GA- the southern terminus (200 copies)
  2. Clingman’s Dome, NC (100 copies)
  3. Roan Mt, TN (100 copies)
  4. Shenandoah, VA (100 copies)
  5. Harper’s Ferry, WV (100 copies)
  6. Raven Rocks Shelter, MD (100 copies)
  7. Lehigh Valley, PA (100 copies)
  8. Sunfish Pond, NJ (100 copies)
  9. Bear Mt. Bridge, NY (100 copies)
  10. Great Falls, CT (100 copies)
  11. Mt. Greylock, MA (100 copies)
  12. Killington, VT (100 copies)
  13. Franconia Notch, NH (100 copies)
  14. Mt. Katahdin, ME – the northern terminus (200 copies)

The reason for twice the number of the first and the last prints is that I will be producing 100 copies of the bound “Appalachian Trail Terminus Print Collection” (two prints) in addition to the bound 100 copies of the “Appalachian Trail Complete Print Collection”.

“This project has required 158 individual cherry blocks. The final edition will be a total of 1,600 prints from over 30,000 color impressions by hand.”

A detail of a color impression proof print


Color Proofs

As I have been printing the proofs, I have taken individual color impression on copy paper. Since many of the colors overlap in these prints, I need a way to faithfully reprint these proofs for the final edition.

I also take a few notes- where to wipe, how to make improvements, etc. I have found that as I went on, there were fewer and fewer notes- presumably that I’m getting better rather than laziness…

So here are the proofs: (hint: click on the image and use your ARROW key to navigate).

For the next phase for 2019, I will be printing the 200 or 100 editions- actually, I am a month ahead and will have a head-start in December.

Starting November of 2019, I will begin binding to finish before September, 2020. Binding seems from my standpoint to be the most unknown of all of the steps. I taught bookbinding and papermaking, but still don’t know how you create a real production bindery? I dunno.

It’ll be an adventure either way….


One thought on “Appalachian Trail Phase #1 of 3: Proof Sets are ‘El Done-o’!

  1. I really appreciate the sense of warm sunlight that appears in the Mt. Katahdin print and in the two prints that you have on your “other prints” section titled “Mt Goryu” and “Qufu.” Very nicely done.

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