Tanuki Prints has Moved Underground~

printing area1
My old and cramped printmaking hovel/office

I apologize for a lack of posts lately- we took a 3-week family camping trip to Canada which was wonderful BTW. I also found out that I had become a full professor- yea!

Since then, I’ve been working on moving my printing operation from my university office (see right) to my basement (below) before the semester starts. I had outgrown the aburdly-small office space long ago and I physically found it hard to safely navigate around all of the heaps of stuff- especially the accumulating 90+ woodblocks (soon to be 150+) for my Appalachian Trail Series.

Maybe I delayed the move to make a point to administration that we, as faculty, need some support to create art- something that is a large part of our job description. Anyway, in reality, I think that the only impression that was communicated was “What the hell is this mess”?  or “Why doesn’t this guy simply have a computer and a clean desk like everyone else”?

On the other hand, I did enjoy the occasions when a curious student would stick his or her head in and ask what I was doing. Either way, the situation was completely unsustainable and I’ve given up dealing with these limitations.

Fast forward 3 weeks: This is what my new space looks like! It’s in my basement but I think I’ll be both safer and happier using my own resources- however troglodyte-like it is.

Printmaking bench, shelves, work table, etc. The rugs really tie the room together.

Here’s another view of the printing desk area. You will notice a foot-high printing platform with a foot well. This was inspired by what I printed on for a month at Mokuhankan- thanks to Lee-san and Dave-san for the idea. I also want to thank my wife, Margaret and son, Robert for helping with both support and muscle.

Mixed pigments, barens, maru bake, hanga bake, printing desk on platform, sharkskin, etc. More to come!
Here’s an overview of the printing desk with stool.

In another adjacent room, I have built a pigment/paste mixing brush washing, sharpening area.

Pigments, containers, and sink. I rather suspect that things will get messy here…

Now, on to the garage for establishing a carving area next! Many trips to the dump in my future. I fully expect these areas to fill up- but until then, I’m lovin’ the space in the meantime!

Waddya think? I think that it’s time to start making prints again…

2 thoughts on “Tanuki Prints has Moved Underground~

  1. Congratulations with your new spacious carving/printing studio AND with your full professorship John! Where did you find these gorgeous wooden chests of drawers?

  2. It looks like a dream come true. Enjoy and we wish you much happiness with your new studio. M & D

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