The A.T. Terminus Print Collection: 2 prints- $150


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The Terminus Collection features:

  • 2 Beautiful hand-printed, hand-signed scenes from each end of the Appalachian Trail (Springer Mt., Georgia and Mt. Katahdin, Maine) using centuries-old Japanese mokuhanga (woodblock) techniques
  • Each of the 8″ x 10″ prints can easily be removed for display using standard-size frames
  • 100 numbered copies of book produced- both prints signed
  • Printed on the highest-quality hand-made Eichizen washi (mulberry paper)
  • Scene and printing notes accompany both prints within the book 
  • Pages are hand-bound using acid-free materials to last several lifetimes
  • Pigments contain actual soil from trail
  • All books are signed and are assigned an individual number
  • For outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, collectors, and those who value solid craftsmanship
  • Designed, printed, and bound by an internationally-recognized artist and through-hiker (1980), John Amoss
  • $15 USPS shipping- includes tracking and insurance

Note: Tanuki Prints is an exclusive supporter of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

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